Over 500 Landmarks

Just Nature and People → Explore a place where men live self-sustained lives and there is little to no pollution! Very little can compare to the satisfaction one feels when entire foodstores are grown in the soil behind your house!

Nightlife Live Theaters, Bars, Irish / European Pubs, Landmarks, Astronomy, Ritual, Night Scenery
Climate Tropical Wet, Mediterranean, Marine West Coast, Highland
Wildlife Urban Myth, Birds, Aquatic Wildlife, Amphibians, Large Mammals
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Over 5000 Landmarks

Tropical Paradise → Jamaica has been a well known tourism hotspot now for decades primarily due to its beaches, wildlife, culture and amazing ALL-INCLUSIVE DEALS!!!  Jamaica offers scuba diving, swimming with sharks, jet-skiing, snorkling, camping, fishing, dancing, raves and so much more!!!

Nightlife Night Scenery, Night Clubs, Ritual, Astronomy, Landmarks, Grand Venues, Bars, Movie Cinemas, Live Theaters
Climate Desert, Humid Subtropical, Tundra , Highland, Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet and Dry, Semiarid